The Globe and Mail Bordeaux River Cruise

— MAY 25 - JUNE 3, 2020 —


Spectacular tastings
abound on a journey through France’s premier wine region.


The Globe and Mail invites you to join us on our fifth cruise being offered by Scenic, The Globe and Mail Bordeaux River Cruise – exploring France’s premier wine region. Your journey begins just outside of Paris with a two day stay in the stunning French region of Chantilly before we journey south to Bordeaux.

When one thinks of Bordeaux, it is impossible to not also think of wine. With over 100,000 hectares of vineyards growing 15 different grape varietals—everything from popular Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc to lesser known varietals such as Carménère and Mauzac—Bordeaux is unequivocally the top wine-producing region in France. Similarly, when one thinks of a Bordeaux river cruise, it’s impossible to not think of château tours and Grand Cru tastings. Fortunately, on this Globe and Mail river cruise, the itinerary abounds with both.


 Take in stunning surroundings from the Diamond Ship, where you’ll enjoy 5-star accommodations, relaxation & exquisite onboard restaurants


Choose from several well-appointed suites which offer the
ultimate in spaciousness and comfort.



 This trip will take you from Paris to Bordeaux, along the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, with fascinating daily excursions.

Gain unparalleled access to our award-winning journalists


Be invigorated by immersing yourself in current events with The Globe’s award-winning journalists, editors and columnists – including our European-based team and food & wine experts. They will provide insights into the stories behind the stories and their investigative process, and offer candid and unique perspectives on the most pressing issues in Europe and beyond.

Co-Hosted By


With Culinary Host

Phillip Crawley
Publisher & CEO

David Walmsley.png
David Walmsley
Tara O'Brady
Globe Food Writer

Featuring Onboard Journalists

Screenshot 2019-08-16 15.23.40.png
Mark Mackinnon
Senior International Correspondent

Screenshot 2019-08-16 15.23.27.png
Nathan VanderKlippe
Asia Correspondent
Screenshot 2019-08-16 15.24.05.png
Angela Murphy
Foreign Editor
Screenshot 2019-08-16 15.23.12.png
Eric Reguly
European Bureau Chief
Culinary Excellence

Enjoy onboard five star dinning and culinary excursions with menus especially selected by our culinary host.

Luxury Suite & Butler Service

With thoughtfully appointed rooms and the attentive service of a personal butler, every details has been considered onboard.

Unique Experiences

The Bordeaux cruise itinerary is the result of exhaustive research and care; each aspect has been chosen, or created, to surpass expectation.
Exclusive Wines

Enhanced winery experiences, vineyard visits, and comprehensive tastings will be complemented by an exemplary wines onboard, unique to us.
Immersive Culture

With both a Globe journalist and a guide on tours, gain an insider’s perspective and a deeper appreciation for the heritage and history of the country.